B'Kid, the growing balance Bike

Post di Redazione del 19 ottobre 2012 in NEWS

Barcelona-based product designer Noelia Vallano has designed a bicycle that teaches kids how to cycle. This bike rides kids through the whole learning process; from providing stability as a tricycle, then training balance and last but not least, teaching how to pedal.

B’Kid is designed to adapt to all three phases so that parents and the environment only need to deal with one object instead of 3, from age 1 to 6. After that, I guess they can keep cycling with GROW Bike, another growing bicycle from Barcelona.

In addition, B’Kid is made from natural materials such as birchwood and cork for the seat and handlebar. It also comes with a handy belt so that parents can easily carry it. Even the packaging has been designed to last long; it turns into an interactive game after its first use.

B’Kid, like ARUM, is a project I spotted at the MID Design Ideas Markt where designers go to makes their prototypes reality. This designer is currently looking for a company to commercialise her product, so get in touch with Vallona if you like her idea.

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