Video Tutorial: FOX CTD Suspension System Introduction

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Easy, On-the-Fly Setting Adjustments or Set and Forget

CTD is our new suspension system that takes the guesswork out of getting your fork and shock set up to work in harmony. When you’re out on a ride, CTD allows for total control of the terrain.

CTD is short for Climb, Trail, and Descend modes. These terrain modes are identical between your fork and shock so you can match your suspension settings on-the-fly to varying conditions and riding styles.

The terrain mode system makes it easy to experiment with different settings and easily get back to your starting point with confidence.

If you like running one setting all of the time, set the fork and shock to Trail mode and go.

Riders can use these terrain modes as often as they please or just leave the adjuster in Trail mode for all around performance. Riders do not necessarily have to exactly match the CTD adjuster to the terrain features by name.

Climb mode provides a firm tune to greatly improve pedaling efficiency while still providing some bump compliance. It is not designed to be a solid lockout. Climb works best on climbing and traversing terrain.

Trail mode offers a moderate tune for all around riding. It provides great handling and bump absorption when traversing and descending, and is a good option for technical climbing. Once the lever is set to Trail mode, Factory Series forks allow you to get an extra 3 clicks of adjustability. (soft, medium, firm)

Descend mode has the lightest tune and provides the most supple ride. Descend works well on rugged trails that require suspension compliance.

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