The Bag Buddy – A Necessary Bicycle Accessory

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The Bag Buddy is a small, portable bicycle accessory designed for cyclists who commute frequently with bags and groceries.


As like many residents of large cities I rely on my bicycle for daily transportation. I commute to work, hang out with friends, travel to local events and most frequently grab weekly groceries on my bike.

My weekly grocery routine.
My weekly grocery routine.

I resorted to hanging my grocery bags on the handlebars of my bicycle. This bad habit has left me with ripped bags, wheel pinches, and near accidents which could have seriously injured both me and my cargo. I wanted to design something lightweight, easy to carry in my bag or on my bike which could be used in a moment’s notice and removed immediately after my journey.

I knew there was a better solution to my problem so I spent months of product development with fellow industrial designers, engineers, and daily cyclists to develop “The Bag Buddy”.

Initial Sketch Concept
Initial Sketch Concept
3D Modeling (Rhino)
3D Modeling (Rhino)
User Tested 3D Printed Prototypes
User Tested 3D Printed Prototypes

The Bag Buddy – Features

The Bag Buddy snaps on to your bicycle grips and serves as a clamp, using the weight of each bag to tighten its hold. Two tubular clamps secure the bag hooks mounted on either side of the body.

While transporting groceries, the bag buddy rotates the angle of “bag swing” 90 degrees away from the bicycle; positioning the bags parallel to the frame and securing the groceries away from the front tire.


Additionally, handle grip space is freed up by localizing the grocery bags at the ends of each handles providing extra space for knee movement.

Stickers & TShirt


The Bag Buddy is so small you can store it in your pocket, sweatshirt, or backpack. If you’re bold enough, just snap it to your frame! (I do)

Safety and Disclaimer

We’ve designed the Bag Buddy to be as strong and safe as possible with normal use. The Bag Buddy is not designed to carry loads over 30 lbs, so please be careful and use your discretion.

All of the prototypes shown in the photos and video are fully functional and tested, but details shown may change in the final product development and manufacturing.

Funding and Manufacturing

My funding goal of $20,000 is calculated to be enough to pay for the tooling and materials cost for the first production. The bag buddy is designed for injection-mold manufacturing; this allows the integration of intricate design features that bolster the rigidity and longevity of the product. The entire piece will be manufactured out of a hard rubber composite, which will feel soft to the touch, hold securely around your handlebar grips, and outlast any weather conditions.

As a young designer I am ambitious and energetic, eager for experience in all fields relating to design. If funded, this will be the perfect challenge and opportunity for me to peer into the world of engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. I hope to learn from this experience and deliver a great product and service to all of my supporters.

Groceries after the soccer game!
Groceries after the soccer game!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The risks and challenges of my project are what make launching this product so exciting. We will need to negotiate with manufacturers, find distributors, and design packaging for the Bag Buddy.

Here are some of our biggest challenges:
• Refining the design of the mold cavity
• Selecting/testing the appropriate hard rubber composite
• Perfecting each material color until they reach our desired Pantone
• Finding a manufacturer willing to work with us to produce smaller orders
• Finding a distribution company willing to work with us to ship our orders



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