Crowdfunding – Rio de Janeiro Cargo Bike Championships

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Read more at the crowdfunding site Rockethub: or at the project’s website:

We have a dream. A project. A goal. Quite simply, it combines three fantastic bicycle ingredients: cargo bikes as transport in cities, the all-important social inclusion and a fantastic, traditional, historical bicycle race.

In May 2014, we want to stage the first cargo bike championships in Rio de Janeiro, in order to raise awareness about the hard-working cargo bike messengers of the city and elevate them to a position of much-deserved respect. We want to stage a high-profile event that thrills, inspires, and captures the imagination of the entire city.

A whole day of social inclusion wrapped up in a kickass, back-breaking bike race.

Thanks so much to director Michelle Chevrand and cinematographer Uirá Fornaciari for making our crowdfunding video!

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