Fly6 Cycling Accessory – HD Camera & Tail-Light Combo by Andrew Hagen & Kingsley Fiegert

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Fly6 Cycling Accessory – HD Camera & Tail-Light Combo by Andrew Hagen & Kingsley Fiegert

World first cycling camera & tail-light accessory to record what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead.

Our project is a unique invention that addresses a number of issues cyclists encounter when sharing the road. We have a big mission – to make drivers aware they might be recorded, so they behave appropriately. We all know when we see a camera at a set of traffic lights we apply more caution to make sure we don’t do something wrong. We know there will be consequences. Fly6 is that camera, but it’s on the back of your bike!

Attaching to the seat post of your bike, Fly6 is a tail or rear light that also records in high definition video what happens behind you during your ride. Whether it’s commuting, racing, mountain biking or just riding with your friends. When motorists know they are being recorded, they will behave accordingly by giving the cyclists more space and respect making the roads more enjoyable for everyone.


 For more details on the features of Fly6 visit our website:

Cycling organizations across the globe focus on increasing cycling participation rates as a way to address a number of important issues society has to face like growing obesity levels and expenditure on vehicular infrastructure to name a few. Our trials prove that when cycling with a Fly6, it provides the user with a greater peace of mind. We believe the Fly6 will address and improve cycling participation rates over time.

With widespread use of Fly6 we believe motorists will change their behavior and ultimately provide cyclists with more space and respect making the roads more enjoyable for everyone.



“Everybody has been talking about…Fly6”, Cyclelicious

“Just what cyclists need”, Chicago Bicycle Advocate

“As motorists become aware…so they behave accordingly”, Bike Radar

“Smart addition to a biker’s safety kit”, Gadget Review

“…making drivers think twice about cutting up cyclists in the first place”, Tech Crunch

This precision device, has been tested and proven to accurately record both very clear high definition video and audio of what happens behind cyclists. See our user videos section at

150 units on the production line
150 units on the production line


Excitingly for us, we have just completed a pilot production run with our manufacturer, stock has been sent to our logistics provider in Hong Kong and we’ve had over 150 individual units delivered successfully to cyclists trialling Fly6. Your support is going to help us deliver Fly6 to all cyclists wanting peace of mind while riding their bikes.

Delivered Fly6 - ready for a ride!
Delivered Fly6 – ready for a ride!


Results are coming in from the 150 Fly6s out on the roads and we thought we would share the results from a recent survey:


We will ship worldwide for Kickstarter backers. Fly6 ships to Early Adopters in April 2014 while for all other Kickstarter backers, shipping starts in June 2014.

Retail sales (online only) for Australian customers will start shipping in July 2014 and for customers in USA and Europe, will commence in October/November 2014.


Fly6 has been designed by cyclists, for cyclists and we are proud to say that feedback from our 150 unit trial, cyclists just love it!

“Thanks for the Fly6 light & camera, this is my first such item and love having it on my commuter, when riding on the road to work or home it gives me peace of mind knowing that if something happens I will be able to look back and see the footage….plus the light works great, easy to install on the bike and love the USB charging” Albert Heinritz

From a technical perspective, our prototypes recently achieved international approval certification for distribution.

Fly6 on the table ready for Nano-tech!
Fly6 on the table ready for Nano-tech!


We have had many questions about how well Fly6 captures number plates so we thought we would do a montage of screen captures from Fly6 footage taken over the last 15 months. As you can see the quality varies considerably and yet the camera is always the same. This means that the conditions at the time have a massive effect on the outcome. What we have found that the closer the vehicle the more likely to get a ‘great shot’ of the number plate which works well because if there is an incident, it is often (but not always) because the vehicle has gotten too close to you. In almost all other cases, a partial reading of the number plate is available along with a very good description of the car which should be enough for the authorities to identify the vehicle.


The theory behind crowd funding is the awesome feeling you get by helping others. We are no different and enjoy supporting other start ups through crowd funding platforms. The bonus is when you get that great feeling AND get an awesome product before the rest of the world. Your support at this early stage is really important for the success of this project and in turn, our mission to address cycling participation and enjoyment for all road users. After you have pledged your support we would really appreciate you liking our Facebook page, following our Twitter account, registering your interest on our web site or just telling others about our project in your own way – it all helps. Thank you very much!


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