New e-Crusher Carbon 2018 by MONDRAKER

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New e-Crusher Carbon 2018New e-Crusher Carbon 2018

New e-Crusher Carbon 2018

Forget the electric mountain bike concept that you had until now.

Sophisticated to the last detail and created with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, Mondraker’s first full-carbon full-suspension electric mountain bike model delivers a trail crushing ride.

The 1 e-BIKE

A Trail e-MTB? All Mountain? Enduro? You will not be able to categorize it. e-Crusher Carbon redefines the different categories by creating the Total e-MTB concept by itself.

e-Crusher Carbon combines the responsiveness and handling of a Trail bike with the great bump absorption, traction and confidence of a cutting-edge Enduro race bike with Plus tires. Featuring a groundbreaking Stealth Full Carbon frame with Shimano Steps E-8000 motor with integrated battery, patented Zero Suspension System with 150mm, new metric sized shock with Trunnion mount and exclusive Mondraker Forward Geometry, the new e-Crusher Carbon establishes a one before and one after in the segment of e-MTB bikes becoming the new benchmark.

e-Crusher Carbon is born from the experience and know-how of Mondraker R&D department applying our exclusive manufacturing technologies and taking the concept of the ideal e-MTB one step further. Bringing in outstanding improvements in the design of the Stealth Carbon frame and its integration with the battery, optimization of the kinematics and Zero rear suspension system with larger diameter thru-axles and oversized bearings, along with a geometry evolution based on our experience in the e-MTB segment, e-Crusher Carbon is, today, the best representation of the future of electric mountain bikes.


Stealth Carbon Technology

Stealth Carbon includes the latest technology in industrial design and optimization of carbon structures being present at the high-end Mondraker models. e-Crusher Carbon raises the Stealth concept to its maximum Full Carbon expression applied to an electric bicycle, with a highly detailed construction and very refined finishes. The result speaks by itself, with a design and groundbreaking aesthetics for a bike that opens the doors for the future e-MTBs.  


With e-Crusher Carbon you will play the leading role in some of the best mountain bike adventures from now on. Crush the trails and enjoy as much as you could never have imagined thanks to the unlimited possibilities it offers.


Zero Suspension System Technology

New Zero kinematics. Trunnion shock mount. 150 mm travel.

e-Crusher Carbon features a new optimization of the Zero system, with new kinematics specially developed for metric sized shocks and Trunnion mount optimized to offer the best performance: the most neutral pedaling efficiency with the most suppleness and capable rear suspension


Crush the mountains: Overcome your limits in the mountains

Mondraker e-Crusher Carbon is the new e-MTB benchmark. Its handling and top-level performance will make every ride become an unparalleled and unique experience beyond what you have known so far


Forward Geometry technology

Following the trend that characterizes all high-end Mondraker models for the past seasons, e-Crusher Carbon benefits from the use of our unique Forward Geometry improving performance, backed by a better control of our bike, superior handling, stability and confidence that, for an electric bike means even greater advantage given the extra weight involving the motor and battery. In this case and according its objective use, we have established new geometric dimensions according to the needs and rigors of this high performance e-MTB model




The two e-Crusher Carbon models are distinguished by the use of the new Shimano Steps E8000 motor with integrated battery design. Among its most important features we find its compact design, reduced Q-factor, and the Shimano battery with 504 Wh load that we can plug in to recharge directly without removing it from the bike. The bike has three pedalling assistance levels: Eco, Trail or Boost, for a maximum of 300% level and 70 Nm engine torque.

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Shimano integrated and detachable E8020 battery

BT-E8020 integrated battery features 504 Wh load and it is possible to plug in to recharge it directly without the need of removing the battery, although we can disassemble it if needed. e-Crusher Carbon design features a downtube protector to prevent any possible rock hit or unexpected crash that could damage the battery.

LCD Computer SC-E8000 display. SW-8000 L switch

On the handlebar we find the effective Shimano display where we can select and check the different riding parameters such as the current speed, trip and total distance, assistance level or remaining range and with the left sided SW-8000 switch we can adjust among the three pedaling assistance levels Eco, Trail or Boost, for a maximum of 300% level and 70 Nm engine torque.

27’5”+ Wheel sizing Concept

Mandatory and essential in a high performance electric bike and common feature in all e-MTB Mondraker models, 27’5 “Plus wheels offer more grip, traction and safety, improving cornering grip and increasing riding comfort with lower risk of pinch flats. In this case, e-Crusher Carbon equip Maxxis Minion DHF and HighRoller 27’5×2,8” tires with exclusive 40mm internal width rims focused on achieving the best performance for such cutting-edge e-MTB.

Internal cable routing HHG: Hidden Housing Guide

e-Crusher models benefit from our HHG technology with internal guide for the derailleur (Di2 for e-Crusher Carbon RR+), rear brake cables and internal routed seatposts for both models. HHG features some external stops to attach the cables, avoiding any possible noise while preserving the most meticulous design as clean as possible.

Boost 148×12 and 110×15 mm

Being a new high-performance e-MTB and, likewise the rest of the e-MTB models at Mondraker, e-Crusher Carbon range features Boost hub spacing with 110×15 mm front and 148×12 mm rear.

New pivot thru axles and oversized bearing system.

e-Crusher Carbon models benefit from bigger diameter thru axles (15 mm) as well as Enduro bearings, increasing lifespan and reliability, able to withstand higher loads and a more demanding ride.

Integrated rear shock fender

e-Crusher new full carbon swingarm design features a protective mudguard for the rear shock and lower link, keeping a more clean suspension system when riding in muddy conditions, ensuring the smoothest and highest performance as well as a superior reliability and lifespan of all moving parts of the Zero suspension system.

Tapered head tube and Flat-Mount rear disc brake caliper

Tapered head tube and Flat-Mount rear disc brake caliper mount, -with new location for the caliper located between seatstays and chainstays- collaborate on the creative clean lines and exceptional design of its carbon frame, improving the rear brake efficiency and minimizing vibrations.


e-Crusher Carbon