Santa Cruz announcing 2 XC race bikes built for endurance. Full gas, 24/7.

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The Blur is the ride fast, ride far, ride harder than your heart can take kind of XC race bike that only we would make. Light enough to scorch hot laps and tough enough to endure a long-distance beating, the Blur bowls into the Cross Country Club like Rodney Dangerfield at Bushwood.

Blur CC // Carbon Matte // XX1 Kit with Reserve Carbon Wheels

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Highball Josh Tostado

Wide open, dawn to dusk.

The Highball is our flagship carbon hardtail race thoroughbred, and a dark horse in XC versatility.

On paper it’s a whip-cracking alternative to the Blur; the racer’s hardtail for high intensity assaults. But settle down for a long haul and it’s immediately clear the Highball is at home in a range of cross country environments—from XC sprints to 24-hour sufferfests.

Highball CC 29 // Gloss Fog // XX1 Kit with Reserve Carbon Wheels

See the New Highball