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Private midwives (PPMs) are midwives who work as isolated practitioners, in partnership or in independent models and who work on their own behalf. Midwives may also be considered private activities when they provide midwifery services as individuals or as part of a program implemented by a charitable, aid or charitable organization, if the organization is not formally an employer. Each year, the National Boards and Ahpra publish an agreement on health professions that defines the fees to be paid by physicians, the annual budget of the National Board and the services provided by Ahpra, which allow national boards of directors to perform their functions in accordance with national law. If you are a volunteer or in an unpaid position, you must continue to have an appropriate PII agreement. Some voluntary organizations will have IPI agreements that will cover the activities of their volunteers. If you have your own IPI agreements, you should check that they cover a practice you do as voluntary work. A notification can be either voluntary or a mandatory notification. Voluntary notification involves behaviours that pose a risk but are not as serious as mandatory notification. Liability insurance is insurance that covers the insured`s civil liability costs that require compensation for personal injury, damage or loss if the right is directly due to an alleged act, error or omission committed during the period of insurance in the practitioner`s practice or in professional life. Liability insurance includes coverage of legal costs related to the defence or settlement of a civil claim, as well as damages payable. Section 284, paragraph 2 of the national law provides that midwives who manage private midwives are not required to include, in an annual declaration to the NMBA under Section 109, a required statement with respect to the exercise of the private midwife during a registration period during the transitional period, in accordance with paragraph 1, paragraph 1 (iv) and v). . The NMBA approved the definition of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) for a midwife (including the following statement of practice) and applied it to the Australian context.

When a board is satisfied that a practitioner or student poses an imminent threat to public safety, the Commission immediately takes action and suspends registration or sets registration conditions pending further investigation.