Worship Team Agreement

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I come from the Philippines and I am too young to be both Director of Mass and Music Director. I am only 17 years old and the reason for my young leadership is that our former president/music director has disgraced our loving pastor because of his different masters of the faith. So if we are in his authority years ago, he has set many standards that have made the worship team too perfect, and if we break the rule, even if we don`t think so, he will reject us. Of the 15 in the team, we`re at 10. As the new President, I have decided that everyone should be reborn, a member of the Church or at least 3 months in a row. according to the next requirement, we will cover them at least half the year skillfully and mentally. The disciple understands the purification of the pastoral home and the church, as well as gardening, so that we can see their hearts and attitudes when they are ready to serve the Lord through these methods of discipleship. I think we can develop their potential because they have proven that they are willing to learn more and serve God. We accept homosexuals in the junior. Haha. In the hope that in their lives, God will move through his words.

We will not let them enter the sacred soil, unless God tells us to do so after 6 months of training. But as long as we can see in their daily lives that this is not yet the right time for them, we will train them again until they receive the Holy Spirit. (Hearing first after training. If they haven`t qualified because of the auditions, we`ll train them skilfully with our coaches on the guitar part, drums, vocals, keyboard and more). That`s how we accept everyone in training, but not especially on the cult team. If we no longer have a musician, we wait, even if we have to sing in Acapella, we will. David, great talker for executives. I did a seminary a few years ago, but I am not formally in the department. What surprised me to go through teaching and share with people who were pastors was a lack of grace. The central message of Jesus of the Cross was and remains love. Some people are trapped to be the Holy Spirit, if it is not up to us to transfer, it is the work of the HS.

Can we lead with grace? I think it is requested by a guide. Take the example of the smoke box. A conversation is very appropriate to have with him and assure him that you do not judge, but this causes someone to be hanged from him during the religious service. Maybe someone is fighting to stop, has lost someone to lung cancer, etc. A good answer is simply to ask people to put these things away for the good of others as they age. What if someone`s gay? To kick her out of a team of worship won`t change her sin, will it? It was interesting at the seminary because there were sins considered more horrible than another sin. I`m trying to find the writing to support it. Do we rely on HS again to charge and change, or do we shame people? At the end of the day, if we refer to a person`s sin as a reason for not serving him, that is a problem, since we are all sinners. We were ordered to love. Dear men in the kingdom, then let the king do the last works.

On the right? Joseph Overall, I agree and appreciate your standards for members of the Divine Service Team. I had a meeting with our worship team, in which generalized standards were communicated, i.e. “talking,” living our daily lives by biblical standards and setting a good example. For me, as a guide to worship, it is not to swear or tell crude jokes, no drunkenness, no addiction, no cohabitation without marriage, no homosexuality. I do not need to be a member of the Church, but a member must profess a reborn relationship. I also prefer that members of the cult team visit our church regularly, but sometimes a musician who regularly visits elsewhere.