Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement Status

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Agreements of this type only cover nuclear materials, non-nuclear materials, facilities and other elements specified in the guarantee agreements. They are based on the protection methods defined in INFCIRC/66/Rev.2 and on earlier versions of this document. States parties to these Conventions undertake not to use nuclear materials, annexes or other objects subject to the Nuclear Weapons Agreement or Military Promotion Agreement. The IAEA implements safeguards in accordance with these agreements in three states that are not parties to the NPT. The IAEA has established four main processes for implementing security measures. These agreements allow states to exercise their right to peaceful nuclear energy under the NPT, without raising concerns that they could actually develop nuclear weapons in violation of the treaty. The five nuclear-weapon States parties to the NPT have entered into voluntary agreements on supply guarantees under which the IAEA applies safeguards for nuclear materials in facilities that the State has voluntarily proposed and has chosen the IAEA for the application of security measures. The IAEA applies safeguards as part of a voluntary offer agreement to ensure that nuclear materials remain in peaceful activities and are not removed from security measures, unless provided for in the agreement. Design Information Verification (DIV) includes confirming the design characteristics of a device and checking design features to be accurate and valid. This activity is carried out within the framework of the comprehensive protection agreement whereby all signatories comply with safeguard provisions and rules. The additional protocol is for states that have a safeguards agreement with the IAEA.

States that have CSAs that decide to enter into additional protocols must accept all provisions of the additional model protocol approved by the Governing Council in 1997. States that have ad hoc or discretionary offer agreements can adopt and implement the measures of the additional protocol model that they are prepared to accept. The IAEA`s protection measures are part of legally binding agreements. In accordance with the IAEA`s status, states accept these protection measures by concluding such agreements with the Agency. The initial protocol on small quantities has been made available to States whose nuclear materials are minimal or non-nuclear and without nuclear materials in a “facility”. The initial small quantity protocol suspends the application of many provisions of the Generalized Guarantee Agreement (Part II). While this simplifies the implementation of security measures in a state that has an initial protocol on small quantities, it also entails a number of restrictions.