Direct Agreement In Chinese

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But make sure it`s in English to Chinese, get a Chinese lawyer who knows what they`re doing to fit the deal, because each product is different and will have different tolerances when it comes to breaking the agreement. The word “contract” in Chinese is written with both characters, “hey” means to associate with them and means that they are equal together. Therefore, the two signs mean parts together in union with the same spirit. Contract law defines a contract as an agreement between the equal parties and emphasizes that the parties are equal. If one party were to obtain legal expertise to negotiate the contract, while the other party did not, the other party could argue that the contract was not concluded on an equal footing, because one party was advised by the legal expertise, while the other did not. And again, don`t forget to create the agreement in English and Chinese, if not practical, at least have translated the finer points into Chinese. The following advice and instructions are aimed primarily at clients who have already registered a business in China and who wish to hire their employees directly. If you are a representative in China or do not have legal status in China, a employment relationship is only established through an authorized employment agency. A direct employment contract between a foreign company and employees in China is not compliant. For more information on creating non-corporate labour relations in China, please click below. In accordance with our sales contract, we deducted a percentage agreed in advance (total order) from the last down payment of 70%.

Which saved us $1,500. The Proforma invoice is the simplest and most common document you have to make in Chinese manufacturing. It is always provided by the supplier. Imagine the P.I., as we know it with love here, as a “light sales agreement”. This is something that all plant staff and buyer is considered a “reference” (reference) in case there were small disagreements, delays, quality problems, etc. It will not be an iron agreement that will be respected until the haircut, but it will help. I get my suppliers to sign an agreement, whether the order is worth $1,000 or $150,000.