Ecsel Ju Model Grant Agreement

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📢by #ECSELJU project @MegaMart2_ECSEL developed model-based technologies to improve industrial manufacturing processes. This means a reduction in development and maintenance costs for European industry #electronic of components and systems. 🏭🔧 🌐 All MegaMart2 publications are available on our website: The project brochure can be made available to the consortium in a (.pdf) format tailored to its own expense, if it wishes, and in a direct viewing format. A copy of the project poster is printed by ECSEL JU (format A0 or B0) for use at group project exhibition events. The digital file is available to the coordinator if further copies of the poster are required. The EU IPR Helpdesk has published a useful publication that should help improve the communication, dissemination and enhancement activities of your project funded by ECSEL JU /H2020. You can download the document here. Presentations for the coordinator`s 2019 information day can be downloaded from the list below. TWO DAY of #EFECS2020! You can always go to our booth and chat with #MegaMart2 Distribution also contains files containing only the “delta” of the JPEG logo (white background) format and also in PNG format with a transparent background. These are useful for creating “bullets” in the text or for energizing presentations. For more information on the use of the EU emblem, please see the guidelines at: What is the main purpose of #XIVT? The main objective of this project is to enable highly efficient and cost-effective quality assurance for highly configurable and varied embedded systems We use a standard layout form for these elements, and the text, diagrams and other illustrations provided to us by the project should be considered appropriate in this format. The text of the introductory paragraphs is edited by ECSEL JU to address “an informed but unskilled target group,” while technical details are only verified/corrected. Coordinators can of course add additional posters for specific purposes, but the only “official” poster of the joint venture should always be presented at public events when ECSEL JU is requested.

5E Digital Showcase Site: The multi-year strategic plan is the technical agenda for the ECSEL programme. The technical themes described are the various calls for proposals from ECSEL. The associations ARTEMIS-IA and AENEAS – members of ECSEL-JU – have now merged their tools to support cooperation into one common service: the Ecs Collaboration Tool: a tool to facilitate the exchange of information within the ECS community and to enable the collection and management in one place of all relevant data, ideas and proposals for relevant projects.