Ford Uaw Collective Bargaining Agreement

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William Gould IV, professor of law emeritus at Stanford University and former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, declared his first job at Cornell Law: working within the legal staff at Solidarity House under the then president, Walter Reuther. The agreement, reached around 3.20 .m after 44 hours of negotiations, must be ratified by the approximately 60,000 UAW members at Ford. If adopted, it would lead to historic negotiations that would have resulted in agreements to make U.S.-based automakers profitable. The UAW said in a statement earlier in the day that details of the new agreement will be formally made available to union members during declarations and ratification meetings in local ford UAW unions. No timetable has been set for ratification. A few weeks ago, in the heat of negotiations with GM, some UAW executives proposed to suspend discussions with GM and turn to Ford, which would yield better results, as conversations with Ford would be less dramatic. Fords Dirksen said in a prepared statement: “Ford can confirm the UAW announcement that the UAW and Ford have reached an interim agreement on a four-year contract. More details will be released at a later date. The terms of the four-year contract are comparable to those of the union with General Motors, but without a strike. Unlike recent agreements with General Motors Corp. and Chrysler, this agreement was reached without a brief strike. These contracts, which included the transfer of pension obligations in the health sector to a union-led trust and the hiring of new non-nuclear workers at significantly lower wages and benefits, were both ratified.

The union usually tries to enter into a contract with one of Detroit`s three automakers and tries to get the other companies to agree to similar terms, a practice known as model bargaining. Now that the Ford contract has been ratified, the union will focus on negotiations with Fiat Chrysler. With a preliminary agreement proposal in hand, the union will make its Ford National Council, which includes all local UAW politicians, to verify and vote for submission to members. If they do, they will then be ratified in front of the 55,000 members of the UAW. The agreement maintains Ford`s labour cost structure similar to its domestic competitors UAW will negotiate with FCA on Monday. Fiat Chrysler and psA Group are expected to announce a merger agreement on Thursday that could complicate contract negotiations at FCA US LLC.