Bilateral Agreement Ndis Victoria

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The Victoria NDIS began in 2013 with a trial in the Barwon area. The Victorian Government and the Commonwealth Government signed a bilateral agreement for the transition to NDIS in 2015. Based on this agreement, NDIS launched a continuous rollout in Victoria in 2016. The three-year period, until June 30, 2019, which was given for the full transition of the program, was greatly underestimated, as it offers enough time to transform a service sector with tens of thousands of participants, thousands of practitioners and hundreds of service providers. There is no doubt that NDIS has become a disruptor to an almost unimaginable extent; We ask everyone to become multi-faceted. Governments are no longer just the funder, nor service providers are the providers, nor are the participants only the consumer. The way we used to operate and the way we have to operate today as a service sector has changed forever. .