Enabling Agreement Meaning

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To a large extent, an enabling agreement or enabling contract is similar to a handshake agreement, since the parties to the agreement agree on an exchange (e.g. B for the supply of goods or services for remuneration), which sets the very extensive conditions, but does not lay down detailed conditions. NB: In the construction industry, the term “Enabling Works” generally refers to site preparation work that may take place prior to work under the main construction contract. Other types of CSU Master Enabling Agreements These agreements support the strategic procurement efforts of two or more sites by combining common requirements for certain goods and services, avoiding redundant tenders and contracts, maximizing quantitative discounts and reducing administrative costs. Detailed conditions are set out in a subsequent (or parallel) contract to which the terms of the enabling agreement are complementary. The confirmation and enabling agreement shall be deemed to be enforced only where authorised agents have executed and served the confirmation and/or enabling agreement of the SCE and the defendant. VIII. The certificate of authority must be executed by the defendant on the same day that the confirmation of the RA and the enabling agreement are partially executed by the defendant. It asserts that the reseller agreement and the enabling agreements it entered into with 3D Inc. There have been no amendments or modifications to the enabling agreements. The respondent has obtained all necessary authorizations, authorizations and waivers that the respondent requires, if any, to submit its offer and (a) the obligation to enter into and, where applicable, execute all necessary enabling agreements in the form of the applicable enabling agreements negotiated with the SCE; b) a transaction with SCE under the applicable enabling agreement executed to: Finalize the relevant products, in the form of a confirmation, if any, with SCE.iv. Master Enabling Agreements are executed and are available to be used on campus to request excellent providers. Item 6.AWestern Community Energy`s Second Fixed Energy Contract Update and Enabling Agreements to Add Additional Energy Providers Attachment 1Resolution No.

2020-07: A Resolution of The Board of Directors of Western Community Energy Approving a Power Purchase Agreement RESOLUTION NO. For interviewees who do not have an applicable enabling agreement entered into and effective prior to the date on which the respondent makes an offer, the SCE is not considered accepted and is not bound by any provision, unless an agent of the SCE executes a confirmation and an enabling agreement with the defendant. The Contractor also acknowledges that with respect to the recruitment of EA names, a longer period is necessary to allow BCIB and the Council to conclude an agreement on ea. . . .