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Franchise agreement and additional legal documents for Abellio East Anglia Limited. This agreement replaces the previous franchise agreement concluded by Greater Anglia in 2014. The updated terms of the Greater Anglia National Rail Franchise have been updated in version 5.5, which contains an amendment to Annex 1 of Annex 5.9 to increase funding for the STNR programme. In August 2016, the Department for Transport (DfT) awarded the East Anglia contract to Abellio. The new franchise, known as “Greater Anglia”, started in October and will run for nine years. In March 2017, Abellio sold 40% of the franchise to the Japanese company Mitsui, but retains a majority stake with the remaining 60%. This has no bearing on the commitments made under the franchise and Abellio states that there have always been plans to operate the franchise as part of a joint venture. The disputed clause in the Greater Anglia contract combines additional deductible payments with London`s employment figures. The East Anglia 2016 Rail Franchise Agreement replaced the East Anglia 2014 Rail Franchise Agreement. When the tender resumed, it was time for a short-term franchise that would give the government time to plan changes in rail franchising policy based on Roy McNultys Rail Value for Money Study. It also included the period of the 2012 Olympic Games. The franchise was originally scheduled to run from February 5, 2012 to July 2014. [9] In June 2010, after the 2010 parliamentary elections, the Ministry of Transport announced that the procedure for replacing the franchise would be suspended until a review of the franchise procedure was necessary, which would result in an extension until February 2012.

[8] The Ministry of Transport (DfT) and its counterparts in the Netherlands were blocked in secret conversations aimed at eliminating a “defective mechanism” in its franchise agreement. These documents are part of the public register of franchise agreements. Please send franchise agreement requests by e-mail to Rail passengers` experience and expectations of the East Anglia franchise – Research report The franchise was renamed Greater Anglia on 16 October 2016, in accordance with the franchise agreement. In March 2017, Abellio sold 40% of the company to Mitsui. [23] [24] A similar obligation is included in the South Western Railway agreement and this clause is also challenged by the operator FirstGroup. The passenger Focus depot at the DfT for the direct award of the Greater Anglia franchise In June 2015, abellio (60%) and Stagecoach (40%), FirstGroup and National Express were shortlisted to offer the franchise. [19] On December 9, 2015, it was announced that Stagecoach had withdrawn from the joint offer with Abellio and that Abellio will continue the offer alone. [20] The franchise agreement between the Secretary of State for Transport and Abellio East Anglia Limited of 23 August 2016. We researched the current passenger experience and aspirations for the future franchise released in 2015 and contributed to the design of the new franchise with DfT.

In April 2003, the Strategic Rail Authority announced that Arriva, GB Railways and National Express had been shortlisted to offer the new franchise. [3] In March 2011, the Ministry of Transport announced that Abellio, Go Ahead and Stagecoach had been shortlisted with the tender launched in April 2011 for the new franchise.[10] [11] In October 2011, the franchise was awarded to Abellio,[12] with the services operated by National Express East Anglia transferred to Greater Anglia on 5 February 2012. . .