General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade 1994 Pdf

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The assessment, in accordance with Point (a) of Article XXIV(5), of the general impact of customs duties and other trade arrangements applicable before and after the establishment of a customs union shall be based on an overall assessment of the weighted average customs duties and duties collected. This assessment is based on import statistics for an earlier representative period, which are to be provided by the Customs Union on the basis of tariff lines and in values and quantities, broken down by WTO country of origin. The secretariat calculates the weighted average customs duties and duties collected according to the methodology used to evaluate tariff offers in the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations. To that end, account should be taken of the duties and taxes to be applied. It is recognised that the overall assessment of the impact of other trade rules for which quantification and aggregation are difficult may require the examination of relevant measures, rules, products covered and trade flows. In a request for exemption or extension of an existing waiver, the measures that the Member proposes to take are the specific policy objectives it wishes to pursue and the reasons that prevent the Member from achieving its policy objectives through measures consistent with its obligations under GATT 1994. The date from which “other duties or taxes” are related within the meaning of Article II is 15 April 1994. “Other duties or taxes” are therefore included in the list plans in the amounts in effect on that date. At each renegotiation of a concession or at any negotiation of a new concession, the date applicable to the tariff item concerned shall be the date of inclusion of the new concession in the corresponding schedule. However, the date of the instrument by which a concession for a given customs post was first included in GATT 1947 or GATT in 1994 remains in column 6 of the batch sheets. Members which are parties to an interim agreement shall notify the Council for Trade in Goods of substantial changes to the plan and timetable and, upon request, the Council shall consider the amendments. The activities of this group are coordinated with those of the working groups in accordance with section III of the Ministerial Decision on Notification Procedures adopted on 15 April 1994.

Convinced also of the need to enhance the effectiveness of the Council`s role in trade in goods in the review of agreements notified under Article XXIV, by laying down the criteria and procedures for evaluating new or expanded agreements and by improving the transparency of all agreements referred to in Article XXIV; The texts of GATT 1994 are authentic in English, French and Spanish. The unions and constituent elements of free trade areas shall report periodically to the Council for Trade in Goods, as provided for by the Contracting Parties to GATT in 1947 in their instruction to the Council in 1947 on reports on regional agreements (BISD 18S/38), on the operation of the agreement in question. . . .