Shaw Two Year Service Agreement

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At the end of the 24-month period, customers will be able to extend the ValuePlan at the current market price and enjoy the same benefits of a value plan for an additional 2 years. Customers can also choose not to sign again for two years and pay regular monthly payments. If your 2-year ValuePlan is not renewed at the end of your two-year period, you will no longer receive the 2-year valuePlan monthly discount of $7. I`m in the same situation where I moved and asked for my service to be transferred, they said they couldn`t do this without sending a technician, and because of Covid, they didn`t send technicians to the service and told me they were going to stop my service and would waive the cancellation fee, and now, 45 days after my move, they are trying to make me pay the cancellation fee I was a happy and loyal Shaw customer on a 2-year contract. I had to move an emergency to a new apartment during covid 19. The Shaw site and the agent assured me that my move had been processed and that all I had to do was plug in my modem. I went to my new place and it didn`t work. Shaw sent me an agent who refused to enter the building`s electrical space during the social dance period. I risk losing my job if I am not connected to date (3 days since my first call to Shaw). Buyer`s right of withdrawalYou can revoke this contract up to 10 days after receiving a copy of the contract from the date you conclude the contract. You don`t need a reason to cancel. If you do not receive the goods or services within 30 days of the date indicated in the contract, you can revoke this agreement within one year from the date of the contract.

You will lose this right if you accept delivery after the expiry of the 30 days. There are other reasons for an extended cancellation. For more information, please contact your provincial/regional office for consumer businesses. If you terminate this agreement, Shaw has 15 days to refund your money and any deposits or cash value of the payment taking. You must return the goods. To cancel, you must cancel the cancellation at the address of this agreement. You must terminate the cancellation in a way that will allow you to prove that you have resigned, including registered mail, fax or personal delivery. If you send the cancellation by mail, fax or e-mail, it does not matter if Shaw receives the message within the required time, as long as you sent it within the required time. Shaws valuePlans 2-year offers action savings and a two-year price guarantee. In the following sections you can learn more about our 2-year valuePlans. That`s exactly it.

The contract is not that they agree to provide services for 2 years, it is you who agree to pay them for 2 years. Can I sign up for a 2-year value plan if I subscribe to a traditional TV package (grandfather)? No, 2-year value plans are available for customers who want to get added value for their services….