Thrifty Australia Rental Agreement

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Optional waiver statements (as described above) may be purchased in order to reduce or eliminate your financial risk, which could include the full value of the vehicle and the loss of revenue from the lease during the trade-in period. Agree with the recommendation to follow it with Expedia. You should have included a drop fee in their pricing (the Expedia booking process contains this information in Thrifty`s car rental policies. “If disposable rent is available, the corresponding drop tax is displayed in the drop-lots field”). 7.3 Whenever an additional driver or other authorised driver uses or controls the vehicle or is in possession of the vehicle, the driver or other authorised driver shall fulfil all obligations of the lessee with regard to the vehicle under this Agreement. Your responsibility before the start of the rental You are invited to sign a rental agreement when you come to pick up your rental vehicle and the terms of this contract are as follows: 6. Mexico Insurance: Vehicles rented in the United States cannot be driven to Mexico without taking out insurance in Mexico. Mexico insurance offers a customer protection from civil liability and damage for the rental vehicle in order to be in compliance with Mexican law during a visit to Mexico. Mexico`s insurance policy allows the customer to travel with the rented vehicle up to 250 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border.