U.s. Living Will Registry Registration Agreement

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You will be contacted annually to confirm that your requests have not been changed or revoked and to update emergency personal and contact information. You will be reminded to change the personal or emergency information on your online account. You can also confirm that your document is up to date while reflecting your wishes from your online account. Once you have confirmed that your document is up to date, the date of this certification will be displayed as the date of the last update when the document is accessed. In this way, there is no doubt that the document still represents your wishes. This annual update reminder is included in your registration. An online account will also be created to allow you to access and make changes to your personal data and to download, fax or email your document if necessary. There is also a free mobile app available on the Apple App Store or the Android App Store. You can view, download, fax or send your document directly from your smartphone.

You can have both – a health representative who designates a person to make the decisions and a patient prescription that guides that person through the decisions. Just as patient prescribing has become new documents offering more demanding pre-custody services, the U.S. Patient Prescription Registry has grown in the United States.